And now, a quick FAQ about custom audios...


All your custom slots are always sold out, when will that change?

I open new slots every 1st of every month and they close on the 3rd of every month.

My tiers shift around every month so if you're looking to get a slot, keep your eyes peeled!

I'd love to work on something just for you!

Can I just sign up for a one time custom audio instead of a recurring one?

That's absolutely fine.

A lot of patrons have me work on a one time thing, others stay signed on.

I appreciate and work just as hard on every single one and would be stoked to have you!

Why are your custom tiers priced the way they are?

Most performers I've spoken to charge about $5 per minute for custom audios

and most of the time if they say your name, it is an added fee.

I have 15 minute audios available for $75.

$15 of that goes towards the Patreon content you get throughout the month,

which means you're only paying $4 per minute. 

My 25 minute audios are priced at $125 which puts each minute at $4.40 a minute.

All my custom audios include me saying your name with whatever scenario or theme you'd like or anything you'd like me to say.*

Are there things you will not do in customs?

Yes, there is.

rape (although CNC is totally okay), watersports, dd/lg, futanari, incest (step-anything is okay), foot stuff, scat, blood, gore, violence, ageplay, explicit F4F, vomit, extreme humiliation, bimboficiation, bestiality, celebrities or me playing a real person. I will also not say a 3rd parties name in the audio as this audio is being made FOR YOU and nobody else.

Will you ever repost my audio?

Yes, with some edits, of course.

Your name would be cut out and I wouldn't disclose it's yours unless you were okay with it.

If you don't want your audio reposted, I do charge a $50 exclusivity fee which you can just add to your payment when you grab your custom slot. This would ensure the audio stays between you and I and nobody will ever listen to it.

How will I know when you open slots?

I'll post about it publicly, silly goose!

My patrons usually get first dibs but I'll post about it on Reddit not long after.



*Keep in mind I reserve the right to say “no” if you submit a custom request that I don’t understand or that makes me uncomfortable. I am a person, like everyone, and I have my limits. With that said, I will always work with you to tweak your idea to something we both like. Please remember: the whole point of this is for you to listen to me thoroughly enjoy myself. Don’t you want to make sure I am?