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Latest Upload

Santa, I Was a Very Bad Girl This Year
& I Want You to Punish Me By Making Me Take All Your Cum

[25:30] [early access]

Tight on cash for the holidays, you take a seasonal job at the mall sitting in as Santa. You're halfway through your shift when this pretty girl comes to see you. She starts telling you she was really slutty this year, although she couldn't get anyone to fuck her like the truly dirty slut she is and decides to fuck you in Santa's workshop.



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Your Boring GF Won't Let You Do What You Want

So Your Best Friend Offers You All Her Holes Instead

[28:45] [Patreon Exclusive]

You and your girlfriend have been together for a while but there is a list of things she doesn't want to do with you. You give her time and space and every time, she says she doesn't want to. Frustrated, you mention this to your best friend who invites you to play Halo, who thinks it's unfair to you and volunteers her pussy and ass for you to do whatever your gf won't let you.



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making The Hot Thicc Lingerie Model take all your cum While on Set

[31:31] [early access]

I'm a lingerie model and you're my photographer. You immediately are attracted to me but you want to keep things professional. As I change out of the outfits, they start to get smaller and smaller and you can't help but start to get turned on. I ask if I can speak to you alone and we have everyone clear the room before I decide to just go for it and fuck you right there on set.



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we've been dating for a while and unbeknownst to you, i recently figured out i am attracted to other women. i start fantasizing about you cumming inside me while another girl grinds against my mouth and cums on my lips. is it okay that i want to share your cock with her, daddy? is it okay if your good girl fucks another girl just for you to enjoy? two slutty girls together, just for you.



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your daughters barely legal best friend comes home with her during thanksgiving break & Is Ready to be your first slut since your divorce

[26:05] [Early access]

You are newly divorced after being married for a long time and it is your first time hosting Thanksgiving on your own. Your daughter comes home over Thanksgiving break and brings home her childhood best friend. You can't help but notice how much she's grown up and can't tell if she's flirting with you until an accident happens at the dinner table and you end up in her room making sure she's okay...



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Daddy, Today I'm Going to Listen to myself Get Off with You 

& I Want You to Play Along...


I've been dipping my foot into ASMR and thought what if I combined ASMR and a regular audio? The premise is simple. Me playing with my pussy. But also me listening to myself playing with my pussy talking dirty to you. You get to hear me going from ear to ear and also cumming in stereo at the same time. I came really hard, daddy. Did you cum with me?


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